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Hear the Difference for Yourself – Listen To The XX Edge on Audible

The XX Edge Audiobook is now available on Audible!

Why listen to "The XX Edge"?

The XX Edge is not just a book; it's a movement. By joining me and my amazing co-author Patience Marime-Ball, Esq. on this journey, you're aligning with a community that champions equality and smart investing.

📅 Compelling Data: Dive into rigorous research that reveals the positive impact of women’s financial decision-making on the markets.
✅ Actionable Strategies: Gain practical knowledge on how to integrate a gender lens into your investment portfolio for higher returns and reduced risks.
🚺 Visionary Outlook: Be part of a groundbreaking shift towards a world where women are not only beneficiaries but the leading force in financial ecosystems.

If we all do our part to influence our networks and communities, more women will be in positions of decision-making -especially financial decision-making- and we will all win with better health and wealth.

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